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Item: JJL01/JJS01

Product: Hi Power LED car lights & warning lights with remote control


- ZRD Hi power led searching lights & warning lights Left side*1pc& Right side*1pc.( please distinguish left or right from wire)         

- ZRD Hi power remote box/ SET. Specification is 12V*3A/24V*3A.

- Wires with waterproof terminal plugs*2pcs to connect LED lights and control box.

- ZRD Hi power remote control*1. (Please replace battery regularly)                                    




        Applicable specifications: 12V-24V

        Nighttime illumination up to 150 meters or more, warning strobe visible at night from up to 1 kilometer above.


        Base with super strong magnets/ 3M sticker

        Remote control: on/off, 25% brightness, warning strobe light


1.     Please make sure to fix the lights on car and cannot be moved easily.

2.     Do not direct irradiating human eyes.

3.     The lights for emergency use do not suggest to drive car when the lights are only fixed by magnets.

4.     Do not connect with power source which is not 12v-32v or connect battery with wrong side to cause any short circuit.



Step1: Please make sure to fix the lights on car and cannot be moved easily.

Step2: Use wires to connect LED lights and remote box.                                                 

Step3: Connect remote box with car battery, color red is positive pole, color black is negative pole; or plug into cigarette lighter socket.

Step4: Use remote control to turn on the lights, first button is 100% brightness, second is off, third button is warning light mode, fourth button is 25% brightness.




1. Replacing remote control battery please take the rubber plug out then press the button with seconds, in the meantime please press any button on remote control to copy program from control box.
2. One remote control can copy six kinds of control box programs.