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Item: JJT03

Product:ZRDTire Care Kit


- ZRD Long-term Tire Sealant

- ZRD Tire compressor

- Hi Power LED car lights & warning lights

- Tools for removing valve core

- Conduit for tire sealant

- Inflating Needle




1.   Hi Power Led car lights & warning lights can be used as night lighting to check car or converted into a strobe warning light to warn the rear car.

2.    Use the tool to remove the nozzle cork of tire.

3.    Please shake the bottle with 2-3 minutes before using.

4.    Replace with tire sealant conduit.

5.    Connect with tire sealant conduit.

6.    Ensure the nozzle cork is put back

7.    Plug into the cigarette lighter socket to turn on tire compressor

8.    Turn off tire compressor then unplug the cigarette lighter socket after inflating completed.